Rain of gems after eruptions of Kilauea volcano in Hawaii

The inhabitants of the Big Island of that American archipelago have been surrounded by beautiful small greenish stones.

It seems that nature has decided to reward with a shower of green gems the damage caused by the different eruptions of Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii (United States) for more than a month, reports Forbes. Thus, explosions of lava and ash have caused the crater to expel olivine crystals - a common mineral in the area - that have been scattered throughout the territory. "My friends live in Hawaii, right next to the area affected by the most recent lava flows." In full destruction of the surroundings and with stress for the unknown, they woke up with this: small pieces of olivine all over the ground. literally, nature is really amazing, "meteorologist Erin Jordan wrote on her Twitter account.
In Hawaii there are green beaches due to the high concentration of olivine from magma rich in magnesium and iron. "Olivine is not uncommon in Hawaii, it is one of the fundamental components of basalt, a mineral that makes up 99.99% of the rocks of these islands," the GEOetc portal tweeted. 

Normally, the olivine is inside the basalt rocks when Hawaiian lava erupts calmly, but in this case it is striking that it becomes a separate crystal due to sudden ejection and rapid cooling. 

 If someone wants to collect those gems to enrich themselves, they should know that taking stones, minerals or sand from Hawaii is illegal. In any case, the price of each gem varies between 50 and 80 dollars per carat, although fine specimens that are larger, have the right color and are well cut can be worth up to $ 450 per carat.